Complete Woodworking Services
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Complete Woodworking Services

Complete Woodworking Services is a full-services woodworking and furniture firm providing professional installations of:

  • Doors – panel doors, plank and batten doors, filled frame doors and flush doors.
  • Furniture – custom furniture designs including tables, chairs, bookcases, chests, coffee tables, desks and pedestals.
  • Mantelpieces – mantelpieces built to individual fireplace dimensions and client specifications.
  • Custom Paneling – full-wall decorative paneling, utility paneling and Wainscot paneling.
  • Closets – wide range of custom closets including walk-ins, wardrobe closets, hardware closets, wine racks and utility closets.
  • Cabinets – cabinetry including kitchens, wet bars, wardrobes, chest of drawers, nightstands, pantry and Hoosier cabinets.

Complete Woodworking Services also designs, crafts and installs other miscellaneous woodwork such as decorative molding. The company also repairs and restores wooden furniture.

All custom woodwork involves diligent design and planning. Once a plan meets a client's expectations, the crafting and installation are completed. Clients are welcome to inspect the product during each step of the process and share the joy and passion that goes into the crafting of all Complete Woodworking Services products. From planning and design to the selection of high quality wood and skilful woodwork, Complete Woodworking Services brings an artisan's quality to every installation.

Our Services

  • Kitchen Installs & Remodels
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Furniture
  • Repairs and Upgrades (Refacing)
  • Interior Trim Work
  • Paneling
  • Built-ins
  • Mantels
  • Repairs
  • Miscellaneous Woodworking

Meet the Team

With over two decades in the woodworking and furniture industry, Bowe Hayes, the owner of Complete Woodworking Services brings more than exemplary knowledge to every project. His passion for working with fine wood and love of woodworking are evident in the custom installations for commercial and residential projects. In addition to extensive industry experience, Complete Woodworking Services brings a high level of professionalism, integrity and customer focus to each project and installation. The company's work is characterized by a professional, yet caring approach to each project – understanding that quality, passion and service go hand in hand.

Mr. Hayes brings dedication and passion for high quality craftsmanship and an intuitive expert's eye to be able to assess a location and suggest design options that align with what the customer wants. Under his leadership, Complete Woodworking Services' 12 years of successful projects have a common attribute – they bring clients' ideas and vision to life.

Complete Woodworking Services

Bowe Hayes and Family

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